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Entdecken Sie Muscat

Muscat (Oman) ist der schnell wachsenden Top-Destination in dieser Region für ihre unglaubliche Schönheit, die faszinierende Kultur und herzliche, gastfreundliche Menschen. Oman's miles of unspoilt white sandy beaches, dive and fish in the warm waters of the Gulf is very recognizable in world's tourism industry. Oman Meilen von unberührten weißen Sandstränden, Tauchen und Fischen in den warmen Gewässern des Golfs ist sehr erkennbar Welt im Tourismus-Industrie.

Oman a geological museum, a fascinating place to visit and has something to offer every travelers, refreshing green Salalah, the majestic green mountains of Jabal Akdhar, an exotic adventure of Al Hoota Cave, hidden treasures of Turtle Beach, exciting Under - water World, thrilling Desert Drive and Night Camps, historic Forts, Castles, Watchtowers, and many more…. Oman is the very few countries able to grow the best quality of frankincense, which was extremely popular, multi-purpose commodity in the ancient world.

Muscat the capital of Oman and a modern city still witnessing the Heritage and Culture of the country. The city itself has a lot to offer for it’s visitors like, Grand Masque, Historic Museums, Fort & Castles, Muttrah Souq (ancient market), Dive Centers, popular Marina Bandar which is offering many water sports and marine activities and many more…..

Now you have a purpose to visit Muscat….!!!